Update 06/2013:

Not a whole lot going on here at
Cheap ASS Records.  We currently
only have one active band on the

Maidens Sorrow is Bob Tul from
Klinefelter , Liquored up and Years of
Aggression on Guitar.  Brian Tingle of
Klinefelter , Liquored Up on Guitar.  
Rick Kirkman from Cheap ASS
Records on Bass.  Aaron Brainard
from Ill Tempered , Concussion on

Maidens Sorrow is currently booking
shows. Check them out and if you
like what you hear and want to book
them contact them.

Most of if not all of our releases from
here on out will be mostly digital
releases that we distribute through
the internet. People just aren't buying
CD's like they used to and it cost a lot
of money to produce and put out CD's.

We are thinking of putting together an all
digital compilation CD that we will post
on Bandcamp for free download. If you
are in a band and would be interested
please get a hold of us.

Our annual free concert SK8FEST
that we put on at Howard Park in Ione
unfortunately has been cancelled this
year due to issues with permits from
the city of Ione.

Other than that not a whole lot going

We have put all of our albums on
here for FREE download but, if you
can afford to pay a little something for
the music it would be put to good use
and always goes back into the record
label.  We have been doing this for
many years and have never made a
profit.  We do this because we love
the music and helping bands out that
we think should be heard.
All Cheap ASS records CDs are
available through